Commercial Solar Installation


Small and Medium business are the backbone of our economy and stand to benefit the most from installing a solar panel system on their unused rooftop. Capitalizing on the untapped potential of your open rooftop space with a solar panel system can reduce your monthly electrical expenses with no cost at install.


Industrial businesses often times have the highest electricity cost of any business type due to operating heaving machinery. Going solar can help offset a large portion of this high monthly expense. Whether you purchase your solar system or lease it through a PPA (Power Purchasing Agreement), go green and save money with solar.


Education establishments generally have multiple buildings or large rooftops spanning long distances. Take advantage of all of this underutilized space by investing in a renewable power plant for your facilities by going solar.


Large scale installations on corporate buildings can generate megawatts of energy using existing roof space to immediately increase your companies cash flow. Partner with Solar Planet by installing a solar panel system to reduce your operating expenses and get that much closer to the coveted LEED platinum certification for your enterprise.


Government buildings are often large and suffer from high energy costs. Solar Planet, a veteran owned company, provides turn key solar panel solutions for government entities looking to reduce operating expense and increase cash flow. Join the solar revolution and help America meet it’s green goals.


Do you own a large plot of land with little shade? Your property may be the perfect fit for a large scale solar farm. With no money out of pocket, you may be eligible to start generating consistent revenue from your unused land year over year with a distributed solar farm.

Services We Offer

Solar Planet LLC is dedicated to being an industry leader in providing solar solutions to both residential and commercial properties. We are currently in the best time period to invest in solar for your business. Between tax credits, incentives, and depreciation – you may be able to “write off” up to 50% of the cost of a solar panel system for your business. With solar equipment costs decreasing, coupled with quality and availability increasing, there is truly no better time than now to go solar.

In the current economy, we know that finding ways to save costs in your budget allows you to be competitive as a company and successful as an individual. Solar Planet is committed to help you save on energy costs and have the added bonus of being environmentally friendly. Solar power is a renewable energy source that provides countless benefits not just to the environment, but also to your company. If you invest in commercial solar power, it will be an investment in an environmentally conscious energy choice that will yield many long-term financial benefits. From an increase in property value to a reduction in operating costs, solar power makes a difference.

Solar Planet LLC can design and implement a commercial solar package that will allow you to reduce or eliminate energy company dependence and maintain power when the grid goes offline. We have extensive experience designing and installing all types of high quality residential and commercial solar panel systems.  If your company is ready to reduce their expenses in order to give you that competitive advantage, we have you covered.

Our Solar Package safeguards against power outages as it includes a battery back-up and/or generator solution that will allow your business to remain fully operational despite any outages. This is crucial for businesses in areas with extreme weather or power demand issues. When it comes to commercial solar installation, Solar Planet LLC is fully capable of keeping your business one step ahead of the competition. Our solar team will work diligently with you to create a turn key solar package that meets your needs.

See what solar can do for your business!

Wondering if a solar panel system can help your business?

Our Solar Consultants will provide you with all of the information to make an educated decision for your business. Our expert team will prepare a full solar report for your business that provides detailed estimates on how much money your business may be able to save by going solar.